Core Return

Core Return Policy & Procedure

All of our cooling units are sold on an exchange basis. This simply means, we get the old cooling unit back in exchange for the cooling unit we are sending you. We take responsibility for the return freight, all that is required of you is to package the old unit so we can have FedEx or UPS come by and pick-up the old unit.

Returning your old core is very simple: here’s how to get it done in a very simple manner :

  • Place your old unit in the same box that the new unit arrived in. Use the same packaging inside to protect unit from getting damaged.
  • Carefully tape the box well and ensure everything is properly placed so it will not come open in transit.
  • Place the prepaid return label on the box, then ensure you keep the top copy for your records.
  • Call FedEx or UPS and schedule a pickup, then set box outside for pick-up.
  • With the prepaid label, you can also drop the package at any FedEx or UPS location.
  • COOL-FUN LLC will activate your warranty immediately after the core is received.
  • We advise you to ensure your core is returned within thirty days (30 days) of receiving your new cooling unit.

No Core Return, No Warranty

We do not charge a core fee up front. To ensure we get our cores back in a timely manner, we tie your warranty to the core return. This means we do not activate your warranty until we receive your core. Our re-emerging business relies on a steady and constant supplies of core returns so we can supply more customers, just like you, with replacement of cooling units. So, we send you a cooling unit in “good faith” that we will receive your old unit back. It is all for you, our customers!

We advised that you contact COOL-FUN within two weeks (14 day) to schedule a pick-up of your core.

After 30 days (and several attempts) if we are unable to get the core back, COOL-FUN reserves the right to void the warranty on your new cooling unit and also charge you for the loss of our core.

Core returns are at our discretion, we can determine some certain cores we want back and the ones we deem not necessary to have back, this will be determined by many factors which includes freight cost, duration and others. You will be notified by email, or at the time of purchase.

Core Values are as follows:

  • Cooling units that ship regular FedEx or UPS ground – $100.00
  • Side-by-side cooling units that ship truck freight -$200.00
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