Helpful Tips

Here are some steps to troubleshoot your RV Cooling Unit:

  • Make sure your refrigerator is level before operating.
  • Is your 12 volt battery fully charged
  • Have you tried the refrigerator on gas and electric?
  • Have you installed the gas flue baffle from the old cooling unit into the replacement?
  • Are the cooling unit absorber coils getting warm? (check the outside access door)
  • Is the vent top obstructed?
  • Are the door gaskets good?
  • Did you apply thermal mastic on exposed tubing before installation?
  • Are the freezer and refrigerator screws that secure the cooling unit tight?
  • Is the electric heating element in the heater sleeve? If so make sure its inserted to the bottom of the heater pocket?
  • Is the heating element good? Have you checked it?
  • Have you hot-wired the heating element to hook the cooling unit up directly, bypassing the controls?


Can I replace the cooling unit myself or do I need a professional to install it?

Most cooling units can be replaced by persons with average mechanical skills. No special tools are required and the cooling unit can be replaced within a few hours. If you have room to work on the refrigerator inside the coach, it will not even be necessary to remove it from the coach. For detailed instructions on replacing a cooling unit, see our installation instructions.

My refrigerator cools well on AC electric but not on LP Gas. Why?

Most cases the decrease in LP performance is caused by a dirty burner. Burners must be properly maintained as outlined in your owner’s manual. Service should be performed by a service center.

Does the refrigerator have to be level while traveling?.

Traveling with the refrigerator on is acceptable, since the liquids in the cooling unit are sloshing and not pooling.

My refrigerator isn’t working, help?

First, make sure it is level. If it is off-level, two things start to take place #1the boiler starts heating up to dangerous levels. Which causes the refrigerant to break down. #2 in time a blockage will form.

What effect will high altitude have on my refrigerator when it is running on propane gas?

Altitudes higher that 5000 feet above sea level may cause reduced cooling performance and may cause burner outages. This is a result of lower atmospheric pressure and oxygen levels. Cool-Fun recommends you operate the unit on AC when altitudes are higher than 5000 feet above sea level.

What can I do to prevent frost or ice build up in my refrigerator?

The easiest way to prevent frost or ice build up, is to minimize opening or leaving the door open as much as possible. Occasionally inspect the door gaskets for any ware and tare. The gasket should make a good seal around the frame where the door sits.

All the above tips should be able to help you resolve all your cooling unit issues, if however, you face any more difficulty do not hesitate to give us a call at Cool-Fun LLC 951-785-7001 and we’ll be glad to help.

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